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Pfeil sweep gouge arc angle?

Can anyone tell me the arc angles used by Pfeil to make their sweeps which are numbered 2 - 9?
Pfeil has not responded to a request for this information so I hope someone can help.

This is not my info but comes from another carving forum.

Sheffield List & London Pattern

Sweep # (Ashley)

Gouge width Multiplier to find the Radius European

Sweep #

(Pfeil 2 Cheries))



#3 3.75 #3 15.19º
#4 2.25 #4 25.06º
1.5 #5 36.87º
#5 1.125 #6 47.92º
#6 .75 #7 67.38º
#7 .625 77.32º
#8 .5625 #8 83.27º
#9 .5 #9 90.00º
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John Van Syckel

Mike, thanks for the reply.  I'm am aware of that posting and know that the data you shared is NOT correct.   I think the data has been updated and you must have picked up the data before the corrections which were done within hours of initial posting.   Thanks again for your willingness to aid my quest to find the angles.