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picture in picture


i've been binge watching lessons while waiting for my gouges, stones and wood. one thing i noticed is that the camera is zoomed really tight on the piece you're working on. while that's well and good, i believe we're missing a lot of your technique. specifically, i'd love to see the position of your elbows, forearms and hands. i believe it would be even more beneficial for those odd shaped carvings (the multi-part round turning).

would it be posibe to have a second camera that's not so tight showing more of your form? the second camera could be edited in to the final lesson as a picture in picture (lower right?).




Hi Boris,

I think that's a great idea. We have implemented this a little on some of the more complex videos. I'll discuss this with Caleb who edits my videos and see how we can add that more. I'm more concerned by adding another screen that it will cover up some of the close-up techniques.

Thanks for your input!