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Problem with the wood (?)

Hi there,

I tried to carve several projects (Mary's lessons) and every time I see the same thing - Mary cuts almost everything like a butter, mine wood is stringy, brittle and rough looking in the end. Is it that my tools are dull? I got a crooked hands? wood (it's basswood) is wrong? or anything else?

Thanks for any help!

Hi Jane,

It could be many things. Yes, it could be dull tools that just crush the wood rather than cutting it. Basswood tends to leave little "hairs" along the edges. That is usually from not very definite cuts. As a beginner, there is a tendency to be hesitant to make decisive cuts. As you grow with carving, those cuts become more definite and decisive, and fewer of those "fuzzies" appear. So yes, sharp tools, good quality wood, and decisive cuts, and you're there 🙂