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Reasonably priced tools

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Based on remarks by Michael Evans and reviews on Amazon I bought a set of Schaaf tools. I'm going to donate them to our woodcarving club along with a mallet. When we have new people visit us looking to join all we can offer them at present is small blocks of basswood and a few knives to get an idea of what woodcarving is all about. With these new tools and a mallet, a few bench hooks, some basswood planks, and a few patterns I hope we can get some people started on traditional carving with mallet and gouge.

The tools look pretty good though as has been pointed out they need to be sharpened and honed. One of our members is an expert at that so we'll have him get the tools ready for use. They also come in a nice tool roll. Hopefully we'll get this all set up by our first meeting of the new year so that new and current members who want to try traditional carving will be able to.

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It is super generous of you to do that and, if my experience with the brand is any indication, they will all be very happy with them.

Every beginner woodcarver is faced with an important choice of woodcarving tools. On the one hand, the tools should be of excellent quality, on the other hand, they should not break the wallet. I liked this article with a review of quality tools:https://beavercrafttools.com/news/quality-wood-carving-tools/

I hope it will help you to choose good tools at an affordable price

Can't say about all their tools (Beavercraft), but I bought a chip carving knife from them - it was impossible to use, the blade is too weak to carve. They sent a substitution - it was the same. So, looks like you got what you paid 🙂

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