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I tried to carve the Merry Christmas sign in a redwood craft piece I had.   It was a disaster!  It splintered like crazy.  Is it even possible to carve this wood?  I am a beginner, so I'm sure the technique could have been better.  My tools were freshly sharpened.  (OK, so the V tool could be better....)

Hi Marsha, I'm so sorry to hear that! But don't be discouraged.

I don't believe I have carved in redwood, but am assuming it is probably similar to the spongy part of pine.

Quick - get some basswood and dive in again before the frustration sticks! Get familiar with the tools, confident with the grain direction, and take your time. The Christmas lettering lesson can be a challenge because of all the curved letters. Either go to a local Woodcraft Supply store or a Michael's Craft store and find a piece of basswood.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks, Mary

I'm going to try the star.  I need to walk before I can run!

You can also get basswood on Amazon.  Search "Walnut Hollow."

redwood is a beautiful wood, but it does splinter.  the legs of my workbench are 4x4 redwood.  it's light and strong.  i would not think it good for carving though.

I like to work with it but it doesn't hold detail very well.  I did this whale from a recycled old growth redwood 4x12 beam.  This piece of wood was milled in the early 1960's so its some really nice stuff of which I still have a few pieces... the rarer it gets the harder it is to decide what to carve ...

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