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Rosettes and Flowers

I would love to see a lesson on architectural rosettes and on more relief carving of different flowers such as snowdrops, irises - well just about any flower really.  Carved ornamental rosettes are so beautiful and diverse but it would be wonderful to see how you tackle these and see the correct sequence of cuts as I seem to get this wrong so often. Many thanks, Lucy

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Michael DuncanThomas Bartok

Hi Lucy, I will plan on adding some different rosette styles. Did you see the following lessons? Some are quite old, but they show a variety of symmetrical, architectural rosettes.

Yes I love all those lessons and have watched them a lot and got a lot out of them, particularly the Philadelphia rosettes which is so lovely.  Not having a scroll saw initially I tried this in deep relief but the design really needs so much depth. Thanks for your response and I look forward to all future lessons. Lucy