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Sharpening stones

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Mark, I use the 8000 for final honing. The 1200 is really too aggressive to create a fine edge (even though it is called extra fine - go figure). I usually gauge it like this - if the stone "buffs" the metal and leaves scratch marks, then that's not the final stone you want to use. The 8000 will create a close to mirror finish, and that is really what you are wanting to get a razor sharp edge. I'm not familiar with Ultra Sharp II, but am assuming they are similar to DMT.

I just ordered your starter set of chisels will stropping be enough to keep them sharp or should I invest  in some diamond stones also?


Rick, are you asking if stropping is sufficient to keep the edge as received out of the box?

Yes unless I do something to damage a tool do I need to do anything but strop it to keep it sharp

Hi Rick,

The stropping can keep them honed and sharp for a while, but eventually you will need to put them to a stone. The length of time between sharpening depends on a lot of things - what type of carving, how aggressive (mallet or just pushing the tool through the wood), what type of wood, dropping them on concrete floors (ouch), opening paint cans (NOOOO!). But fortunately most tools now come very sharp, so you should be able to work with them for a while as they are. Just be nice and gentle with them, and they will love you back!


Definitely get the 8000 grit...I used to finish at 1200, but after getting and using the 8000, I can see a much better result with stripping and carving.

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