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Sitting and carving

As we age, sitting becomes more comfortable while carving, along with more challenges - sharpening tools, carving on an eye angle, reaching for tools, and getting stiff neck.  I find the length of time in one sitting becomes shorter - cause for more accidents, and creating errors with your carving. My maximum time length is 2 hours at one sitting.


I think whether you are sitting or standing, you really need to take a break every few hours, or once an hour if you can break away from the fun 🙂

Stand up straight, lean back and stretch your neck by looking at the ceiling, shake your hands and arms, get the blood circulating again, and go for a little walk to get everything else moving again. Another good stretch is stand in an open doorway, bend your arms and put your hands on either side of the door frame, and gently let your body go through the door, stretching your front shoulder muscles.

I admit that I don't take breaks enough. I get so caught up in a project, I try to stop and take a break, but get so excited about carving it, that I go quickly back to it. You muscles will certainly let you know when it's time to stop for a break, but it's probably best to not get to that point. Maybe set an alarm every hour or 2 just as a reminder.

Thank you Mary.   Your suggestions are good for all carvers who love what they do with wood.