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stropping tool

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I am using a either a flex cut block or I also have  piece of leather. I currently put the flex cut gold compound on almost every time before I use it.  any guidance on how often to apply the gold compound?  does the leather need to be replaced at some point?


Good question.  I bought mine from our local WoodCraft store.  The sales associate I spoke with is their resident sharpening guru.  His advise was “Do not overthink it!  Use the strop frequently to polish the gouges while carving.  The stick of aluminum oxide will be passed on to your kids in the will”

I do use it frequently and apply cautiously liberal amounts of the oxide to the stropping tool.  It seems to work okay for me

Thanks Alan. I appreciate the information.  And yes, even if I have a long life of carving it seems there will be lots of that gold compound left for the generation of carvers. I have 3 sticks of it now!

I've had about a half cup of silicone carbide powder (similar to aluminum oxide) and only used about 1/4 teaspoon over the past 30 years, so this is one of those things my children will be forced to inherit. A tiny amount of any "honing" compound goes a long way.

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