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temptation shopping

i live about an hour from the closest woodcraft.  took the family on a trip today, and stopped by there.  i had to keep putting things back on the shelf.  so many things i wanted.  i finally left with the 2 things i needed.



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Michael DuncanSmokyRick Crawford

Shoot, if you live that far from woodcraft, I would call it necessity shopping. I live 3 blocks from a woodcraft...I have to just refuse to go there any more, or I would be broke.

I live about 3-1/2 hour drive. When I go there, I binge shop to get my fix.

My husband once got me a birthday present that was a $100 gift certificate to a department store that was very close to Woodcraft. I shopped for quite a while not being able to find anything I really needed or wanted. I asked him if he would consider getting me one for Woodcraft, and when he did, I was able to use that gift certificate within 5 minutes!

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William BurlingameSmokyRick Crawford

... a girl after my own heart!  But you're slackin' if $100 took five minutes!