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The Book

I purchased the book as soon as I saw it was available. In fact I was given a PDF version until the book shipped. I look at carving the acanthus akin to a furniture makers ability to make dovetail joints by hand.

There are two aspects of the book that I really liked. There is, of course, detailed lessons on how to carve various versions of the acanthus. The are detailed and easy to understand. The feature that I really like is that Mary takes you through how to draw what you are going to carve. Why is this important? It takes you through the shape of object, how all parts link together and provides a better understanding of the architecture of the various types of the acanthus.

Money well spent...

Thanks Denny! Drawing definitely helps you understand how everything fits together. Enjoy!

3 th carving project

Yeah nice book, my 3 th carving project in my life. This book smoothed thing out real nicely. Sorry not too good at english 🙂

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Wow! That's great work for your 3rd carving.

Maxine, that is beautiful! If that is your third carving, I am eager to see what more you can carve!

Yes it is, thank you guys. The first 2 tries were on pin wood.. much more easier on basswood 🙂 and i didnt know about grain direction...lol your beginner video changed my whole world about carving. I wish your book could be in french, but it's good for english learning too 🙂  ty

Wife bought me a genuine Acanthus plant because of my fascination with the leaf form.  It's growing like a weed putting up two new leaves in a month. (Picture won't post. No error. ???)


Hi Dan,

The photo might be too big? Maybe try again.

My "acanthus radar" is so in-tune, I can spot either a carved one, or a real one from quite a distance 🙂

I also own the book. It is fantastic!  While still very much a novice,  this book,  Peter Follansbee's book,  and this online site are helping me out greatly.

This is my first leaf from the book.

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