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tool list

Just beginning to collect - I live in the Philippines so everything I purchase is necessarily shipped in and doubles the cost. I had decided on Flexcut for gouges - adding an after market tool handle - 4 inch x 1 inch diameter -  to their 'travel' gouges. However, I do not see any mention of them here - reason? - Thanks - Robert

Most Flexcut gouges are palm gouges, which I generally don't use. However, they do have some full length, professional-size gouges. I have only used these a few times, and only when students bring them to class. From what I have seen, they seem to hold a very good edge. They do "flex" a little bit, which is a little unnerving when you are used to tools staying pretty solid, so they take some getting used to in that way. They would be a good set to start with if you are on a budget, but would probably get a few in other brands to see and feel the difference. I don't think I would use a mallet with these, as the "flex" would not make it a very solid cut.

Happy tool shopping!