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Tools for Live Class

I just noticed that the Port Townsend School of Woodworking currently lists Mary May teaching relief carving May 21-25, 2018.

I just joined your site as a free member and will getting an annual membership shortly. I am interested in what tools I should get for the Port Townsend class.  I am expecting to get the Pfiel basic tool set in the next week or so and start working through the lessons online. (I also have 9 other Pfeil gouges from a Chris Pye class I took some 18 years ago at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine:  #1F-8,  #2-8,  #3F-8,  #7-16,  #7-20,  #7F-8,  #8-7, #9-3, and #12-10)  Although I have palm gouges and chip carving knives which I now use only with a kevlar glove ( and just a small scar 🙂  ) and now understand the safety provided by using full size gouges.

I expect to also likely get the additional sets 1 and 2 during the next 6 months.

Thanks for your input and for a great website.

Hi Chuck. If you are planning on getting the 2 additional sets, and you also have the Chris Pye gouges, you will have more than enough for the Port Townsend class. I basically require the basic set, plus the additional set 1 for week long beginner classes.

See you in May in beautiful Port Townsend.