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after finishing my first green man relief, i am now inspired to work on a trollhunters theme.  it's a book and netflix series that my daughters and i love.  i decided to start with argh and blinky from this coloring book outline.  thinking of the depths and how to tackle the eyes has me studying a bit.  it is an exciting endeavor.

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  • arghblinky.jpg

Jason, What a great design - and also a great challenge! The fact that they have (sort of) human features, and not-so-human features, there is a lot of flexibility in where you can go. There is a lot of layering that will have to be sorted out, and it really depends on how deep you are wanting to carve this.

You may want to simply take the face of one of the trolls (or both) and do that as a separate project. Then do another one with all the features put together. The faces are going to be the most challenging. Also I see that the small features are going to add to the challenge. The larger the carving for this type of work, the easier.

Have fun!

Thanks, Mary.  Starting with the faces is a good idea.  I ordered a set of palm chisels to make working on the details easier.  It will give me some smaller v-chisels and a veiner to help with the eyes.  Also, a good excuse to expand beyond the beginner set 🙂


finding lots of challenges, just on the face of argh.  dropping the background wasn't going to work, due to the detail in the facial hair.  i don't have a scroll saw, so i used a miter saw for now to get things polygonal. i went at the eyes for depth, but it might be too deep.

no worries, i'm going to take this through all the learning lessons.  any time carving is good time carving.


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broke down and bought a scroll saw, which is also a new skill for me.  let's try this again.

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Take your time, and yes... enjoy the process. Every time you have a challenge, it stretches you and takes you that one step farther. If I ever get to a point where carving isn't a challenge, it's time to go onto something else (even after over 25 years, it still challenges me).

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your progress!

i think i figured out the layers and order of carving this time.  it's pretty thin, but it's still practice for the bigger designs.  hopefully i can finish this in one more session.  the eyes will still be a little tricky.

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  • argh-rough.jpg

Yeah - you've got it! Please keep sharing progress!

i never tried to do a nose like that before, with the ridges.  that was my fist pump moment. i used a #5 14mm for the nose.

Looking really good!  My wife and I are also watching this series on Netflix.  Your progress is inspiring.