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Unlucky wounds...

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Pepper? Bob, that's a new one. I wish I would have known that because a grinder wound does not like to heal up as cleanly as a nice sharp chisel. Learn from my mistake - err on the side of caution and point whatever carving tool (machine or not) away from any body parts.

Jabbed my middle finger just the other day with a #3; sheer carelessness and inherent klutziness (and having the work too low and not well secured).  I used styptic powder to stop the bleeding (figured if it works when I shave, it should work on my finger -- sort of).

Just a small 1/3" gash closed with superglue some 15 years ago while on vacation in a carving a santa claus class (Townsend TN) with a fancy carving knife. I now wear a kevlar glove when using the knives or flexcut palm gouges.

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