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V-gouge or high-wall veiner

In the latest issue of Woodcarving Illustrated, one of the articles in a side-bar discusses what the author calls a V-gouge or high-wall veiner or soft V-tool.  Is there such a tool?  He describes it as like a V-tool but with a rounded curve rather than a sharp point at the bottom.  I find no other reference to this tool nor a source or brand that makes or sells such an item.  Anyone have further information on or sources for this tool?


Here is a 60 degree soft V-Tool Palm Tool made by Flexcut Carving Tools, https://www.flexcut.com/home/product/fr760-60-deg-x-12-12mm it is also available in there interchangeable tool line, https://www.flexcut.com/home/product/sk760-60-deg-x-12-12mm , there are a few other Palm Tool soft v-tools offered by Drake Knives, they are called the Drake V-Tool Hogger https://drake-knives.myshopify.com/products/drake-v-tool-hogger .


Thanks, Jeff.

It doesn't seem like a lot of availabilty out there, either in brands or sizes, especially in the smaller range for more delicate or smaller work.  The other major carving tool manufacturers don't seem to make them.  I wonder if this implies they're not really that useful or have drawbacks that make them less popular.  The author of the article I mentioned indicated that this was his main tool for most work.  He made them sound great.

Does anyone in the group use these tools, and what's your experience and advice about them.  I don't recall Mary mentioning these tools in any of her tool discussions.  I would be interested in her take on this also.


I have occasionally seen students with a v-chisel that has a very large radius at the corner (very large is, of course, relative). I guess a "soft" v-chisel would describe it well. I think a 3 or 4mm veiner would get similar results. I'm not sure why you would use this over a "normal" v-chisel with a sharper corner. I think also the challenge would be sharpening this, as that radius would be sharpened like a curved gouge and the flat sides would be sharpened like flat chisels... and hopefully they will meet at a smooth transition. If someone has one, I would be interested in knowing the difference in how it works.

In the interest of experimentation, and adding more tools, I went ahead and ordered the Flexcut Soft-V and the Drake Soft-V tools.  The Flexcut came in today and Mary was right about the challenge being sharpening the tool, even Flexcut couldn't get it right, this is one of the worst factory edges I have seen on a tool.  I think it will need to be re-profiled.

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