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Victorian Onlay...

Starting on this today. Looking like it will be a challenge, as this is my first of this type of carving. I’ll keep updates posted!

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nice!  looking forward to it.

Thank you Jason...forgot I had to glue up the 2nd layer of pieces. After the glue dried somewhat, I didn’t have much time today to dig in. Started lowering the higher reliefs.

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Wow, that's gorgeous. So much work. I can't imagine starting a piece that ambitious.


I'm in so much awe of all of you guys' / gals' projects!

Great design Matthew! Please share your progress. It's so much easier to carve with the profile cut, isn't it? That lowering the background can test your patience - especially something as detailed as this. And this allows you to dive right into the carving.

Thank you Bonnie and Mary.

Mary, it definitely is a test of patience. This is where I start to lose the pattern in my head and have to pencil in quite often. I’m sure if I had your experience, I could carve without the pencil breaks, and a flurry of gouging later have a spectacular piece! I also hate this part as it just looks so ugly, and I have to keep telling myself it’s only the “roughing” in part. ?

So far today...

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Matthew, Drawing on the design is very necessary - especially as complex of a design as you are carving. Thinking back on the recent rococo acanthus lessons, I don't just sketch on for the teaching - it is very much needed to keep track of where everything is 🙂

I can see it coming already!

Glad to know that Mary...makes me feel less lost!


Speaking of, trying to make sense of these flowers. Hopefully the undercutting at the end makes them pop more.

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