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where to buy wood

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You'll probably need just a bit more wood to make that.  I assume you will be laminating it?

Regarding my "December 28, 2017, 7:24 pm" post about Hearne Hardwoods (http://hearnehardwoods.com);  If they have let's say a 10 or 12 ft. piece of basswood, then you could buy 2 or 4 ft. from those lengths.  In other words from the piece your cutting from they have to maintain at least an 8' of the length of the piece.  They will ship the purchase but here's the kicker:  you have to buy at least $300.00 before they'll ship.

Oh well, I guess another 5 hr. drive the next time I want to buy wood from them.

This is a good lumber supplier, woodworkerssource.com

They have 3 stores in Arizona, no minimum order. (800) 423-2450



has basswood and will ship UPS  their prices are reasonable.

They have thick stock (3" and thicker) that they Air Dry.


Rob Drown



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I bought a piece of basswood from Aura Hardwoods in Central California.  They had about half a unit and were willing to sell me part of a long board.  I got an 8' board about 8" wide.

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Hieneke hardwoods has some of the best basswood at a reasonable price. Customer friendly

I wanted to see if anyone can recommend a good wood source that would do some customization of sizes at a reasonable price?   With shipping?  To date I have just been finding sources and comparing prices off of EBay.  Most sources I have found there will not customize sizes to match what is needed for some of these projects.  Thanks for any feedback.  I have looked on here what has been recommended, but they are a few years old.

One more question....two more.  How do you price out basswood?  What would be considered a good price per foot?  Thanks.

I am also new to carving and struggling to find a selection of basswood for carving.  I found a long, rough sawn basswood but found that it was rather useless.  Had to plane off a good 1/2" from both sides to finally have a surface and grain that worked fairly.  Don't know how to find good basswood, except at retailers like Rockler.  And their is cut for carving in the round vs relief carving.  [I don't want to carve loons like so many others do up here in MN.]

I can not find any butternut at all.

So, I will try those two online sites.

Is that how all of you find your carving stock?  Please share some details about pricing and shipping if you would.


Try Rodney Wilcox in northern Wisconsin. His email is:


He used to have a website, but it is not longer there. He sells beautiful basswood and butternut.

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