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Work holder in progress

This is my version of the Pfiel work holder. The only place that I have seen offering it online is in England. It's roughly $700. If I could afford one I would by it. That not being the case I decided to make one. I already had the wood. Quater sawn white oak 1 1/2 inches thick. Cut a through tenon and slot for platform bolt. I am going to make it so I can flip it over on the bench if I ever do something tall where I cant reach the top. Just got the tenon glued after cutting the slot and radiusing the top. Next is the work holder. Pieces are cut and waiting for the mortise and tenon. This stuff is tuff to work with and heavy.

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Keep us updated...I wouldn’t mind seeing your final product. What are your dimensions on this out of curiosity?

Dimensions are 6 7/8 wide 10 1/2 deep from face and 22 1/2 tall. It started out 24 inches tall, but I didn't like the mortise. I cut it off and did it again lol. Just went by eye and proportions. No plans like most of the stuff I make.