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Your Munich Trip

Hello Mary,

I saw in your newsletter that you will be going to Munich. If you have time I would recommend you visit Oberammergau which is about 2 hours south of Munich. Known for its passion play there are also many woodcarvers there.

Hi Jim,

Thanks, and yes I have visited there 3 years ago with my family. It truly is amazing, and those Christmas stores!! I'm not sure where we will visit, but might go visit a friend in Zurich, Switzerland. Very excited to be going (and I'm learning German - at least the basics)

I haven't tried it myself, but I've seen some incredible pieces. Sounds like you had a blast visiting those Christmas stores. And how cool that you might visit Zurich! Switzerland is beautiful, and Zurich has so much to offer. Learning German is a great idea—it'll definitely enhance your experience. If you need help planning any train journeys while you're there, http://www.dbfahrplan.com can be really useful!