Greenville, SC Shell Carving Class

November 21, 2011 MaryMay Woodcarving classes

Hello everyone! I had a great weekend in Greenville, SC teaching woodcarving to 15 students. It was a great group of people, and everyone did really well - it was NOT an easy weekend. I think everyone was pretty worn out by Sunday afternoon.

Saturday we went over carving a shell on the knee of a cabriole leg (I called it shell carving 101). Sunday we went over the Newport shell (I called this shell carving PHD). Much more difficult because of all the grain issues. We carved both of these shells in basswood – it’s great to sort out the shaping of the carvings with basswood because it minimizes the grain issues. The issues are still there, but not nearly as obvious as with magonany. I always encourage the students to try to carve in something like mahogany or walnut very soon after the class – maybe even the same exact project, but just in a different type of wood. There are so many subtle things that were learned that will be lost if you don’t pick up the tools again soon.

I’m off to Greenville again December 2 & 3 to teach at the Woodcraft Supply store “How to Carve the Ball and Claw Foot” and then I have 2 months off of teaching. I think the next scheduled class is a beginning carving class at The Woodwright’s School with Roy Underhill at the end of January. That’s always an adventure! Roy’s a great guy, and it is a real honor to teach at his school.

I truly do feel blessed to be able to teach what I love. And people want to learn it! What a great combination!


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