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Welcome to the wonderful world of woodcarving!

Join me, Mary May, and learn the art of traditional woodcarving through online instructional videos.

We currently offer 307 full-length basic, intermediate, and advanced lessons (currently 632 individual episodes), with a new, HD episode added every week!

Read more about my woodcarving journey.

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photo of Joyce Hanna
Joyce Hanna

I enjoy your way of teaching and learn so much from your videos. You have a clear way of presenting the material, so I see both the big picture and the details. You have a real gift for teaching, which is rare and very much appreciated.

Rick Raley
Rick Raley

Thank you for your videos! Love your thoroughness and methodical way you progress through a carving. You have a God-given gift in your ability to reach all levels of carvers at once – with calm explanations of what you’re doing and why, and you’re never condescending.

photo of Tom Buhl
Tom Buhl

I was very pleased with the lessons and nature of instruction/guidance. The manner you used for the overview as well as the running observations as you worked through the projects suited my learning style very much. I would highly recommend your online school.

Shannon Rogers
Shannon Rogers

Mary’s instruction is so detailed that she turns what should be complex carvings into “paint by number” exercises. Her videos are easy to follow, well produced, and above all inspiring. Mary gets you thinking about the techniques behind the specific carving and how to expand your work beyond just an object carved in wood to a work of art where depth and shadow and line are all considered. Her school is easily one of the most valuable tools in my cabinet.

David Piazzo
David Piazzo

I love watching you work. Do you remember as a kid watching someone you knew who was skilled work? Maybe your Mom knitting or cooking, or your Dad working on something. How the minutes and hours would melt away as your interest in what they were doing could not have been higher. Remember how you felt you were learning and you prided yourself on figuring out why they did things in such a way? Well I become a little kid when I watch you carve. Your soothing voice, the great music at the start and finish, makes it one of my favorite pass times.

Carving the Acanthus Leaf Book

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