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What carvings are you working on now?Tell us a bit about what projects are keeping you busy. Upload photos to share your progress.105 Topics · 659 PostsLast post: Walnut Man · 2 months ago · JIm Geisert
Walnut Man
2 months ago · JIm Geisert
Anything else you want to discuss about woodcarvingA place to talk about any other topic related to woodcarving.52 Topics · 256 PostsLast post: Deep vs.shallow relief · 2 months ago · Bill Sisko
Carving the Acanthus Leaf BookShare thoughts, ask questions & share progress1 Topic · 9 PostsLast post: The Book · 6 months ago · G.Fech
Future LessonsWhat future video lessons would you like to see?16 Topics · 44 PostsLast post: Ball and Claw Foot Reboot · 3 months ago · Neal White