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What carvings are you working on now?

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Bible/Keepsake box with byzantine carvingBy imran sajan0 Replies · 22 ViewsLast post: 2 weeks ago · imran sajan
2 weeks ago
imran sajan
A 2-Wren Tree ClockBy Robert0 Replies · 12 ViewsLast post: 3 weeks ago · Robert
Greek AcroterionsBy Gideon Wyeth2 Replies · 94 ViewsLast post: 2 months ago · MaryMay
chip and circular moulding carvingBy Bill Pierce0 Replies · 92 ViewsLast post: 4 months ago · Bill Pierce
4 months ago
Bill Pierce
Flower Swag & walking stickBy David1 Reply · 84 ViewsLast post: 4 months ago · MaryMay
Ammonite FossilBy Micah Gatz1 Reply · 110 ViewsLast post: 5 months ago · MaryMay
queen anne mahogany tea tableBy Jim Bright3 Replies · 169 ViewsLast post: 6 months ago · MaryMay
Deep relief viking carvingBy Jason Parsons3 Replies · 297 ViewsLast post: 6 months ago · Frank Katusa
6 months ago
Frank Katusa
Angel carvingBy Ed Allen1 Reply · 118 ViewsLast post: 7 months ago · MaryMay
Vase with low releif leaves-By imran sajan1 Reply · 143 ViewsLast post: 7 months ago · MaryMay
Gothic Tracery Window Panel...By Matthew Mizner · 28 Replies · 5,419 ViewsLast post: 8 months ago · Cornelius
8 months ago
Vase with low relief leavesBy imran sajan3 Replies · 228 ViewsLast post: 9 months ago · imran sajan
9 months ago
imran sajan
My first peach!By Laurie Keating1 Reply · 189 ViewsLast post: 10 months ago · MaryMay
Nike EphesusBy Rod Chima2 Replies · 200 ViewsLast post: 11 months ago · Rod Chima
11 months ago
Rod Chima
Bunny in BalloonBy Rod Chima1 Reply · 209 ViewsLast post: 11 months ago · MaryMay
Getting startedBy Michael Shirk2 Replies · 353 ViewsLast post: 1 year ago · MaryMay
1 year ago
Fruit spoonBy Bill Pierce1 Reply · 262 ViewsLast post: 1 year ago · MaryMay
1 year ago
Carving tools storage...By Matthew Mizner4 Replies · 1,619 ViewsLast post: 1 year ago · Bill Sisko
1 year ago
Bill Sisko
Happy St Patrick’s DayBy Bill Pierce1 Reply · 249 ViewsLast post: 1 year ago · MaryMay
1 year ago
Walnut ManBy JIm Geisert2 Replies · 546 ViewsLast post: 1 year ago · Bill Pierce
1 year ago
Bill Pierce
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