One of the most challenging parts of starting to carve is finding out where to purchase the necessary carving tools and supplies. Let's keep it simple. It's all here on one page.

A "Mary May" Beginner Set of Pfeil (Swiss Made) carving gouges is now available through Chipping Away, plus Additional Set 1, and Additional Set 2 to get a nearly complete set that covers most of the lessons in this online school. They also are a great source for other carving supplies.


The following Carving Kits are available in my store to help you begin carving (includes sharpening stones, slip stones, leather strop, wood for the Free Beginner Lessons and carbon paper):

Basic Carving Kit

Deluxe Carving Kit

Sharpening Stones
Arkansas Stones
Diamond Stones
Slip Stones
Shaped Strop

Wooden infused with Resin - Lie-Nielsen
Metal or Brass headed mallets - Shenandoah Tool Works - I recommend the 1.5 lb. steel or brass mallet (Mary May students use coupon code "MM10off" at checkout for a 10% discount)

Starter Set (basswood and butternut needed to complete FREE Beginner Lessons)
Basswood & Butternut - Wilcox Carving Wood - email:
Basswood - Chipping Away

Carving Tools & Supplies (listed in alphabetical order)

The following are North American suppliers of woodcarving tools and supplies. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Chipping Away sells "Mary May" sets of carving tools that match my recommended sets. They sell Pfeil (Swiss Made) and Two Cherry (German) tools, along with a large variety of other carving supplies. They are offering a 10% discount to Mary May students on all other woodcarving supplies.

Diefenbacher Tools sells Dastra (German) tools and is offering a 10% discount to Mary May students (use MAYSTUDENT in the coupon box when checking out). They also sell Two Cherry (German) tools.

Highland Woodworker sells Hirsch (German) and Auriou (French) tools.

Lee-Valley sells Hirsch (Geman) and Henry Taylor (English) tools.

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks sells Auriou (French) tools.

Tools for Working Wood sells Ashley Isles (English) and Auriou (French) tools.

Whillock Woodcarving sells Stubai (Austrian) tools and a variety of other carving supplies.

Woodcarver's Supply sells Lamp (German) and Mastercarver (Chinese) tools, along with a large variety of other carving supplies.

Woodcraft Supply sells Pfeil (Swiss Made) along with a variety of other carving supplies.