Woodcarving Classes with Mary May

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photo of an acanthus carving in progress

Welcome to my 2017 Class and Show Schedule. I will be teaching at a variety of different locations this year and will also be demonstrating at several woodworking shows. If you are interested in coming to Charleston to take classes, let's talk. We can set up either individual or group classes. Just call me at (843) 200-9469 or send me a note through my contacts link.

If you would like to register for any of the classes listed below, contact the school directly to sign up and reserve your spot. Several of the classes later in the year are not "officially" on that particular school's schedule, but you can probably contact the school and tell them you are interested in adding your name to an upcoming class.

Happy carving everyone!

2017 Class and Show Schedule 
December 1, 2 & 3Basic Carving Techniques
Savannah Technical College - Historic Homeowner's Academy