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  • From Joyce on Carving a Celtic Clover Knot - Episode 2

    I tried a celtic knot before I joined this carving school. I selected a very tiny pattern, and getting the inside flats really "flat", was a nightmare. I bought the tiniest tools, like 1 mm, but I didn't know about the spoon tools. My "rope" was wider in some places than in others, and I spent a long time getting everything more "equal." I also did not (know enough to) follow the steps that Mary shows, so I made it harder on myself. It actually came out very nice despite my errors and struggles. Now I know the sequence, so I am inspired to try it again! This time I want to find a place to put it, first - maybe make a cabinet door...or a box top... I'm watching the video and the tool slices into the wood so crisply, making me realize my tools may not be sharp enough. Or, the wood too hard (I used cherry). So much to learn; so little time! This video was fun to watch and compare with my first attempt.

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    2017/10/13 at 12:20 pm
  • From Bill Pierce on Carving a Drawer Pull - Antique Reproduction - Episode 2

    Hi Mary,
    When you are matching antiques like this do you do the staining/ finishing as part of the job or just the carving part? Thanks.

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    2017/10/10 at 5:34 pm
    • From MaryMay on Carving a Drawer Pull - Antique Reproduction - Episode 2

      Hi Bill,
      Finishing is definitely not my expertise. Matching finish to an existing antique is an entirely different art, and I stick to the shaping the wood, not coloring it. Antique restorers would probably be able to help out with that process.

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      2017/10/10 at 8:30 pm
  • From Mary Vietzke on Carving a Live Oak Applique - Episode 2

    Beautiful! My brother lives in Naples, Fl and was hit by the hurricane. He lost many very old oak trees and was also able to save some by de-limping and resetting the rootball back in a hole. When get more confident with my carving I want to carve this for him and his wife!

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    2017/10/10 at 2:35 pm
  • From Ed Ragim on Sharpening a V-Chisel - Beginner Lesson #5

    Hello Mary! Why you don't use 4000 stone? Just look for me the jump from 1200 to 8000 is too big...
    I mean something like DMT D8ME Medium-Extra-Fine Dia-Sharp Bench Stone, 8".
    Thank you a lot for your videos!!!

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    2017/10/07 at 3:30 pm
    • From MaryMay on Sharpening a V-Chisel - Beginner Lesson #5

      Hi Ed,
      I started using the 1200 and 8000 DMT diamond stone and then they introduced the 4000. I have one and have tried to introduce it my sharpening process as I move from finer and finer stones. I have found it really isn't necessary and creates a longer process by moving through 3 stones instead of 2. The 1200 works great for removing metal quicker, but still creating a fine, polished edge. I then move to the 8000 for the final honing. If you have the 3 stones (1200, 4000, 8000) you could certainly use all 3 and have a more gradual transition. I have just found it not really necessary, and the 4000 has been sitting on my shelf getting dusty. If you choose to use the 4000 instead of the 1200 to start the process, I think it would take too long to get to the point of getting the wire edge. It will all work, but it just depends on how much time you want to spend sharpening.

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      2017/10/09 at 9:55 am
  • From Mary Vietzke on Carving a Barn Owl - Episode 1

    I find it relaxing to crave and also to watch you make it look so easy. The owl's face came alive!

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    2017/10/06 at 10:27 pm
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