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My First Carving: Hogwarts Coat of Arms

My son wanted me to do a carving for him of the Hogwarts coat of arms. Lots and lots of beginner mistakes, especially wood selection. I thought the plaque I bought was basswood. It felt lightweight. I got it at Hobby Lobby and it didn't specify what it was. As I started working with it I found some parts were very hard, and other parts were very soft, so I assume it's some other kind of wood. (If anyone knows what wood this is, I'd love to know, so I can avoid it in the future. 😂)

My son also wants me to paint the carving, so as much as I would rather leave it stained, I am about to embark upon painting it. I have no idea how it will turn out! Thank you, Mary, for that Livestream you did where you experimented with all those finishes! It's made me feel brave enough to tackle the staining and painting!

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Chris St-cyr

Congratulations Kayla, well done!  What a great gift for your son; he's a lucky boy!  Happy Holidays!

Thank you, Mark! He said he loved it after he saw it painted. I much prefer it stained, but I'm happy that he's happy. (:  Merry Christmas!

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Great job! That was most likely pine. Often these plaques are made of this, and it's not very fun to carve! Very soft and spongy grain right next to rock hard grain. Congratulations on a job well done with a challenging wood!!

Thanks, Mary! I find your tutorials so encouraging. With every mistake, I remind myself it's a design opportunity!