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I was searching for info on differences in hardness between air dried and kiln dried wood and found this wonderful site.  I've been a member of a local woodcarving group (Oglebay Woodcarvers) for about 35 years but had to give it up years ago due to a change in jobs.  Now retired, I decided to get back into it.  Here are some recent projects (Santas, cottonwood bark).

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Kayla Cox

Another shot of more Santas.  I did about 20 or so this season.  Air dried basswood was much easier to carve.

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And one from the past - a girl I worked with and her newborn son, from a photo.

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Lovely work! Thank you for sharing!

Welcome Dave! Nice carvings!

I've always been fascinated with the Santa carvings, and have only carved a few in my life. When I have, I am amazed how challenging they are!! I hope you find the lessons and the techniques I use helpful in your carving journey.