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Novice Carver - Practice Makes Perfect?

Hello All,

I am a recent volunteer helping to carve Carousel animals at Albany Oregon's Carousel. (Well not actually carving the animals quite yet) I am learning how to carve hands-on under the watchful eyes of a Master Carver and many experienced carvers all around me. I just wanted to introduce myself. Hopefully I will get to know some of you as time goes on. I am really enjoying my new adventures in carving.

Mike Murane

Hi Mike,

Welcome! It sounds like grand carving adventures await! I've never carved an actual carousel animal, but the I have carved a lot of floral designs that are often seen decorating them. You may enjoy viewing some of those lessons.

I'm heading out to Portland, Oregon in May to teach a class for their guild. Maybe you can get into that class? If not the class, I'll be doing a demo for their monthly meeting also.

Happy carving!