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The Book

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G. Fech, that leaf is beautiful! Congratulations! I'm glad you are enjoying the book!

Bob Baker - Thanks! I was debating about putting the personal stories into it, but felt it added another dimension to the whole carving experience. After 4 years, I'm actually considering, possibly, maybe, writing another one. I have nearly recovered 🙂

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David Wohlgemuth

I just bought the book as I am looking to refine the work I am doing with the leaf.  Fantastic book Mary.  Glad to have it as a part of my library.  Thanks for your work on it.

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Today I will continue to cut out such a drawing.

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The biographical sketches are wonderful. I wish, Mary, you would write your autobiography one day.

Thanks Tony,

You really don't want to know the truth 🙂

All the gory details???

Warts and all Mary!

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