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Finishing Ash Wood Carving

It’s a start. Should I continue to lower the background to give it more depth? Will a stain help it pop? It’s ash wood

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Hi Peter,

It really depends on what you are trying to show. The v-cut effect is very good in showing the details, so I'm not sure if you really need to do much more. You could always lower the background down more, but it isn't really necessary. This type of carving is sort of like "drawing" with a v-chisel and shows good detail. Sometimes we try and show too much and it gets distracting. Maybe leave these as they area and try another deeper and see what effect you like better. It's all experimentation!

Oh, about the stain - I am not sure how ash soaks in at end grain, but I would suggest sealing it with shellac first, and then applying stain and wiping it of the surface and let the stain stay in the v-cuts. It will make the carved part stand out nicely.