Beautiful Hand-made Mallets for Sale

December 27, 2012 MaryMay Tools

I am going to start selling hand-made mallets. These are beautifully crafted steel and brass headed mallets – approximately 1.5 lbs each (my preferred weight for mallets). The handles are skillfully turned in Walnut, Cocobollo, or Cherry. The specific handle details vary slightly, but that shows that they are individually made. David Reilly, who assists me in my classes at Marc Adams School of Woodworking (and also a very talented woodcarver), is making these for me and they are really beautiful works of art – and very functional also!

I prefer the metal mallets over the wooden ones, simply because that is what I started out with, and they are what fits more comfortably in my hands. Also there is something about a metal mallet hitting against a wooden handle of a chisel that seems to hit more solid than wood against wood.

If you wish to order one, you can click on the “buy now” button.

Steel Mallet

Steel Mallet: $80 plus $8 shipping


Brass Mallet

Brass Mallet: $90 plus $8 shipping

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