Acanthus Leaf and Shell Design

February 4, 2013 MaryMay Period Furniture Carving

I have been working on a project that is a very classical design – a center shell with scrolling acanthus leaves going down each side. This will go on the top of a square mirror. This is carved in basswood.

I filmed this process and the video will be part of an online class offered through the Popular Woodworking website. Chuck Bender recently taught their first online class on building a Shaker Lap Desk and it was a great success. I believe all the classes they offer will be recorded and you will be able to join later if you are unable to be a part of the online class. You will be able to submit questions along the way, and those questions will be answered by demonstrations and more video. The teaching shows will be broken up into 2 or possibly 3 separate videos, and then there will be a video that answers questions that have been submitted. We are tentatively scheduled for having the class February 23 & 24, but are still finalizing all the details. I don’t think they have anything up on their site about this carving class, but probably will soon.

Til next time… happy carving!

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