Carving faces

More Carving Faces

September 19, 2012 MaryMay Carving faces


I finally had an opportunity to continue to work on the carved faces. I touched up the first one (the one on the right) and made his mood less hostile (at he request of the client) - thanks to the help of artist and sculptor, Roy Almaroad who spent an afternoon giving me pointers on the subtle details on […]



The final carving of a man’s head (hopefully)

January 2, 2012 MaryMay Carving faces


    OK, I put a few more wrinkles on the forehead, fixed the nose-hair mustache, thinned down the cheekbones, and I am going to deliver him to the builder tomorrow who will mail it to the customer who lives in Boston. The customer has not seen it yet, so I hope he will be happy with […]



Another update on carving a man’s head

December 30, 2011 MaryMay Carving faces

Well, I am slowly getting to the final “personality” of the man’s head that I am carving for a keystone. The client wants a particular mood that is “regal”, “authoritative”, “classic”. He said the last photos were too placid and that he looked like a guy who just walked out of the woods of Minnesota. […]



More on Carving a man’s head

December 26, 2011 MaryMay Carving faces

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I certainly did. Christmas Eve we had a little gathering here at my house and sang Christmas Carols and ate a lot of junk food. Christmas morning we all went over to my mother-in-laws house and she cooked a wonderful breakfast and we all went into their “Christmas […]



Carving wooden faces

December 11, 2011 MaryMay Carving faces

I worked on carving a face in wood over the past few days. I had originally worked on this in stone and found the shape I wanted. I still have a ways to go with the hair on both the stone and wood, but I’m getting closer to the face expression I am looking for. This […]



Carving faces

December 1, 2011 MaryMay Carving faces

I have a very interesting job to do. My client is restoring an older Charleston home downtown. He is wanting carved keystones in wood at the peak of some of the arches in the interior of the house. He is wanting classic style faces carved into these keystones. Well, he wants a particular “mood” on […]



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