November, 2012

Continuing to Carve Dragon

November 26, 2012 MaryMay Dragon Carving

Getting there!

Well, this is definitely going to be the longest video so far. I am about 3/4 of the way through the carving, and it is 5-1/2 hours long.¬†I could probably edit some of it out. But then it’s deciding what parts to cut??? I’m really enjoying this carving because I’m sort of designing it as […]



Carving a Classical Rosette

November 24, 2012 MaryMay Period Furniture Carving

final rosette

I recently added another video to the school website on how to carve a beautifully swirling rosette. I recently carved a pair of these (in reverse spin) for a repair of a Charleston Bookcase from around 1770. They were fun little rosettes to carve, and I was kind of amazed that when I was finished […]



NEW! Ability to Download Videos on my Online School

November 20, 2012 MaryMay Videos

Bob Easton, who helps me from weeping uncontrollably when dealing with any¬†computer issues (I often refer to him as my computer guru) has gone through the process of making all videos on my online woodcarving school available as a download. In his own words, he explains it like this: “The School of Traditional Woodcarving now […]



Finally starting a new carving project – Dragon

November 15, 2012 MaryMay Dragon Carving

Cut out design ready to glue onto backer board

I am starting a new carving project. I still have several projects under way, including the 3 large shell niches which I have 2 finished and am going to start on the third one next week. This new project is going to be a lot of fun. It is a dragon design where my client […]



WIA Cincinnati

November 6, 2012 MaryMay WIA Show

Me and Frank Klausz discussing the deeper things in life.

I am settling in again after a great weekend in Cincinnati with the Woodworking in America Show. I think it was a very successful show. It seemed that the amount of people for the conference part was very similar to the show in Pasadena, but the number of people attending the vendor area seemed much […]



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