With the recent announcement of lessons being available for individual purchase, some people might be wondering about the benefits of maintaining a regular membership versus the benefits of buying individual lessons. Maybe the following will help you decide.

Benefits of a regular membership

  • Get them all. See every lesson, every video, as it is published.
  • Regular updates. There's something new every week. Check in every Thursday morning for what's new.
  • Member EXCLUSIVES:
    • Get them early . Start with the first episode instead of waiting for a series to be completed. Lessons become available for purchase when the last episode is published online.
    •  Join in the conversations that are part of each lesson. Many of those conversations include questions and answers about details. The conversations are online only, not included with the downloadable purchases.
    • Belong. Add photos of your work to the Gallery.

Benefits of buying individual lessons

  • Get the ones you want when you want them.
  • Buy only what you want instead of all.
  • Get that special project that's calling out to you.
  • Buy when you can afford.