• From hans Schoppers on Carving a Lion Head - Episode 2

    Hi I just started the course and started with the lion's head.
    I'm doing it in basswood, but that's very heavy, but it's getting along.
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    greeting Hans

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    2022/04/25 at 11:09 am
  • From John Cook on Helpful Tips & Tricks

    This lesson was a great help in cleaning things up, and especially about carving a furrow and preventing a ridge from breaking. I recently carved some coffee leaves and coffee beans on Black Walnut cabriole legs of a plant stand that I am making. Much of the rough shaping of the legs was done with rasps and I am in the process of cleaning things up and smoothing things for finishing. I had some furrows in the design that had to be smoothed out and your lesson showed me how to proceed with my carving tools rather than resorting to sandpaper. I have also been really enjoying your book. It is very informative and fun to read and use. I have also started on the 1st carving lesson in the book. Most of all my carvings of your beginner lessons were in Butternut, which I really like because of the visible grain patterns. Your carving lessons have added a whole new dimension to my favorite hobby of working with wood using hand tools. God bless. John Cook

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    2022/04/23 at 4:14 pm
  • From Rob Kutner on Carving a Newport Ball & Claw Foot - Episode 1

    Hi Mary, at 8:20, if the toe width is 5/8", shouldn't the offset from center be 5/16" not 3/16"? Did I miss something?

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    2022/04/09 at 12:38 pm
  • From Reggie on Carving Folded & Rolled Fabric

    Very nice, I have watched and learned from you and Paul Seller’s videos. Helping watch my grandchildren, home repairs and work I wish that I could dedicate myself to this art. Hopefully I will soon be able to. Thanks

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    2022/04/06 at 10:09 pm
  • From Wade Hehr on Carving a Green Man - Bonus Episode - Redesigned Eyes

    Great lesson Mary. I carved this one and my wife claimed it right off.

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    2022/04/05 at 12:17 pm