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    • From Ralph Hausman on Carving a Samuel McIntire Ribbon Swag - Episode 1

      As usual, a beautiful project ... somehow, the link for PDF template only came out on my printer as the photo ... no trace of a template and/or tool list ... any reason for same?

      Also, hope your European trip and class was successful ... hope to hear about it sometime.

      Any chance of your including sessions on carving a sea turtle, i.e., Ridley or Green species? I saw some fantastic carves on a trip to Hawaii some time ago and have always wanted to do same. Just a suggestion. Thanks again for your instructions ... rmh

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      2019/09/25 at 11:15 pm
    • From John Gonser on Preparing to Carve

      Well done intro to this art. I'm an experienced (and elderly) woodworker who recently began carving embellishments in small projects (boxes). Your instructions should help me get going on this. I've done some carving in the past, but as a self-taught person, it was kept pretty simple. I expect to add more complexity as time progresses.

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      2019/09/19 at 12:18 am
    • From Rob Drown on Carving a Dame Judi Dench Rose - Episode 1

      I looked at an English rose website and this was their description

      A beautiful rose; the blooms are a particularly rich shade of apricot-orange, paling prettily towards the edges. The striking, red-tipped buds gradually open to reveal large
      informal rosettes, each with ruffled petals and a button eye. They are very resistant to rain damage and the petals drop neatly. There is a light-medium Tea scent. A very healthy shrub; it produces strong, arching stems which, over time, form an attractive mound of blooms. Named after one of Britain’s most beloved stars of stage and screen. ( )

      Dame Judith Olivia Dench is listed in Wikipedia

      Wonderful lesson!

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      2019/09/13 at 1:28 am
    • From Drake Daggett on Carving a Rococo Rosette - Episode 1

      Is that basswood? Are all of our videos done on basswood unless otherwise noted?

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      2019/09/11 at 3:40 am
      • From MaryMay on Carving a Rococo Rosette - Episode 1

        Hello Drake,
        Yes. This is carved in basswood. Under each introduction video the type of wood is identified. Also at the beginning of each first episode of a lesson the wood is identified.

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        2019/09/12 at 4:38 am
    • From mary ann chase on Carving an Elephant Ear - Episode 2

      Love it! Plants and carving them - my favorite!

      Mary, when I heard your comment about taking off your glasses ... I was having that challenge, too. At an eye exam I asked about it and they figured out a prescription for the distance between my hands (with bent elbows) and my eyes so now I have ‘workshop glasses’ ... a big help in seeing the details. “just sayin...”

      I really enjoy your weekly online videos - thank you.

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      2019/09/10 at 10:50 am