Where to Buy Tools and Supplies

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One of the most challenging parts of starting to carve is figuring out where to find the necessary carving tools and supplies. Let's keep it simple. It's all here on one page.

A "Mary May" Beginner Set of Pfeil (Swiss Made) carving gouges is now available through Chipping Away

The following starter kit will soon be available for purchase on my store for $125 (just enough to get you through the FREE beginner lessons) Contact me for pre-order.

2 - 6 inch Arkansas Stones, honing oil and a box to hold it all (1 Soft, 1 Hard Black)
1 - Hard Arkansas slip stone (one rounded side, one sharp side)
1 - Flat leather strop with honing compound applied
2 pieces carbon paper
4 pieces of wood, 6"w x 6"h x 7/8" d (3 pieces basswood, 1 piece butternut)


Sharpening Stones
Arkansas Stones - Chipping Away
Slip Stones - Dan's Whetstone
Shaped Strop - Chipping Away

Wooden infused with Resin - Lie-Nielsen

Basswood - Wilcox Carving Wood
Butternut - Wilcox Carving Wood

Carving Tools

Chipping Away, a Canadian woodcarving supply company, is now offering very reasonably priced "Mary May" sets of carving tools that match my preferred sets. The curved gouges and v-chisels are professional quality Pfeil (Swiss Made) brand, in fishtail shape where available (my favorite). The flat chisels in these sets are Two Cherry brand, as I prefer the single-bevel fishtail that they offer.

Below are lists of several other tool suppliers. I don't own tools from every brand, but have had occasion to see and handle them. Each of these brands is good quality, made from good steel, sharpens well and holds edges well.

Also listed here is a North American merchant for each brand. The link for each of those merchants takes you to a page showing my list of preferred tools and the part numbers of those tools at that particular merchant.

The tools listed on these pages match the list I offer as my preferred tools.

Be careful: The part numbers were accurate at the moment they were copied from the merchant sites. They might have changed by the time you see them. Double Check them before placing your order.

Relative Price Note: The price shown in the table is for one common tool in the basic set. It is the price of the #3, 14mm gouge, something available from each of the brands.

BrandPart numbers at:Relative Price
> See note! <
Ashley IlesTools for Working Wood$35.95
AuriouLie-Nielsen Toolworks, Inc.$41.00
DastraDiefenbacher Tools$39.99
Henry TaylorTraditional Woodworker$34.95
HirschHighland Woodworking$28.99
MastercarverWood Carvers Supply, Inc.$19.95
Pfeil – Swiss MadeChipping Away$31.89
Two CherriesDiefenbacher Tools$47.00
StubaiStubai USA$32.00