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60 degree v chisel is always better than 45 degree

I'm absolutely loving Mary's lessons on carving for 18th century furniture, ie pie crust, acanthus on cabriole legs, flame finials. I have found that I love my 60 degree v chisel way more then the 45. Seems to me that anything a 45 can do, a 60 can do better. More precise, finer lines, crisper edges, etc. My question is why even have a 45? .....other then that it's a little easier to sharpen. Yet a 45 seems to be much more commonly used.

I have about 15 v-chisels and they ALL are 60 degree angles. It just seems to be the perfect shape. The only reason to have anything that is a smaller angle (45 or 50 degree) would be to create a much sharper, pointed corner for more detailed, finished cuts. I find anything with a tighter angle is more difficult to sharpen because most slip stones do not fit. The 90 degree angle is simply useless. But that's just my humble opinion 🙂

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