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Ball and Claw Foot Reboot

I am very interested in carving a ball and claw foot. I have Mary's existing set of videos for that, but they are early content. The resolution is poor and sometimes the lighting is not good. I'm sure redoing an existing set of lessons is not high on the priority list, but I know I would be happy to see a second go at a ball and claw foot, maybe this time carving a different style, or a more advanced version. For example, I have seen these done where there is actually space carved between portions of the ball and parts of the talon. I wouldn't mind seeing how that's done for example. Also, on the Philadelphia version, the tips of the talon -- the nails or claws if you will -- are quite short. Often raptor claws are long and thin. I've seen ball and claw carvings done with longer, thinner claws, but I'm not sure how to adapt the Philadelphia version to that without distorting the rest of the toe.

Hi Charles,

Yes, that video was the very first one I ever made. I think it was in 2009. It is one of those on my list to "re-do", but keeping up on the weekly videos is currently the priority. The Newport ball and claw is the one you are referring to with as space above the ball, and also the longer claws - often with a space between the claw and the ball. I would like to actually do a separate one for this, as it is quite a bit different than the Philadelphia style. There really isn't a way to "combine" these, but to have separate videos. So one day soon, I hope...

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Charles Hubbard

A lesson I'd really like to see is a pie crust tray or table top.  I started one many years ago and realized it was above my skill level and put it away. Now with sheltering in place, I've started "teaching" myself carving and thought I'd drag it out.  I've gone thru all of the beginner lessons and your DVD ball and claw foot.  The third foot even looks like a ball and claw rather than an egg and claw, LOL.  If you'd put this together, I know you'd sell at least one!  Thanks, Nealuu in Hilton Head.