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Who has been able to sample the various products on this list and can be able to pick out the best one?


I don't think you can go wrong on the dewalt , bosch , or makita, I have used them all over the years, i as long as you take care of them they work great, I use an old sears and rebuilt it, but if i had to go get one I used one of the above that had a sliding table that i really liked. but that isn't needed was an extra to the saw, wasn't my saw so never knew how long it lasted. but  did enjoy it while  it was on the job. the main thing to look for is the heaviest table and strongest fence that run right to the blade, the fence can not be off from the front of the blade to the back of the blade.

would like to know which you bought and what you think about it.

Good luck

Rusty Wagner