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Blond Alder

I purchased a pizza board that I want to carve some lettering into as a Christmas gift.  Have you had experience carving blond alder?  I plan to carve incised lettering.

I have not carved in this that I am aware of, but would love to know how you find it. Please post photos.

Good enough for a Christmas present for my daughter and son-in-law.  I still count myself as a beginner; as such, this wood treated me well.


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Very nice Mark...alder is definitely forgiving. I haven’t carved it other than using moulding planes on it. Glad to see that it worked out well for you.

Probably my favorite to carve.  Also the wood of choice for Emil Janel, the late San Francisco carver who I have always admired.  Also, living in the Pacific Northwest, readily available!

Looks great, Mark. I will have to try this. Maybe a nice alternative to basswood or butternut for beginning? Another one that I believe is local here in the SE is Tupelo that I need to test.