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carving green wood (black cherry)

Being opportunistic in getting a hold of a great deal on rough sawn black cherry, from a recently milled tree that fell in a famer's pasture, I decided to get a sample and see what it was like to carve it green.  I used the dogwood lesson as a guide.  I had to use a mallet to bring down the background, and with the v-chisel.  The shaping worked fine without a mallet, using smaller gouges.

You can definitely feel the wood is wet, but it carved well, and held details easily.  It's currently drying with a coat of wipe on stain, and I'll be going back to get as much of this wood as will fit in my minivan ?

Anyone else carve green cherry before?

I rushed through this to see how it would look throughout the process, to determine if I would go get more, before it's gone.

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  • dogwoodunfinished.jpg
  • dogwood.jpg

Jason, I’ve carved green oak, but haven’t on cherry. Regardless, go fill that van up! I’m still waiting on a garage load of walnut to dry...can’t pass up a chance to save a few quid from the over-priced lumber industry. 😉

i'm happy with the end result.  one coat of wipe on stain.  one coat of wipe on poly.

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  • dogwoodfinished.jpg

Turned out great...I’m jealous of the cherry wood. What color stain did you use? I’ve never used stain on cherry before.

i used this minwax stain in classic cherry