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After I tackle several more of the beginners lessons I am looking forward to trying my hand at the Celtic and Trefoil crosses in the near future.  Having watched several of the beginners lessons I noticed a crucifix in the background by the Celtic cross,  was the Corpus hand carved as well as the cross?  It is probably way beyond my ability to carve but I would definitely enjoy watching you setup and carve a cross and the Corpus.  Have you ever done a lesson where you go all the way from transferring the design to the blank, to scroll sawing the rough shape, to carving the final piece?


Hi Jeff,

That would be a difficult project, but would be a good one. I'll see how I can make this a lesson.

I'm sure there are some lessons where I go through the entire process, but just can't think of any at the moment. I know that I go through that in the beginner lessons. I'll be sure to make a point of going through that for some future lessons.