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Curved or gooseneck moldings

Hi Mary,

Maybe something on carving a curved molding profile, such as one might use a molding plane for if it were straight? This would also be useful for carving the molding profile on a round or elliptical frame.  Im currently doing a box with a molding around a round emblem.

I know you can use a router bit to shape this, but that's not how it was done historically and I know you don't like power tools as much.

Thx.  - Bill Pierce

Hi Bill,

I think this would be a great lesson. I learned a technique as a stone-carver making custom molding. Starting with a 45 degree angle cut, then mark precise lines where the shapes begin. Then systematically take segments away - both concave and convex cuts. The trick is to make a lot of reference lines and don't lose track of them. The convex cuts become a series of progressively smaller straight cuts, based on guidelines. The concave cuts are, well, carved with a curved gouge as accurately as possible. Convex cuts are easier to keep track of. A large goose neck molding for a highboy would be a great project.

Thanks Mary.  Will look forward to it. - Bill