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Deep Relief

Mary, anything in the works to do a new deep relief project?

Good question.  But should we define what we mean by deep?

Mary's current Rose and Fruit project might be viewed as deep by some.  But I would like to see something where a good deal of wood is excavated  from beneath the flowing leaves and stems.  Just my opinion.

Alan,  yes good call out on the fruit and flower project.  Yes, just thinking about another one that you pointed out taking a lot of wood from under and around.  Just curious if she has another one in the works.  Thanks for your response.

Looks like she is meeting this suggestion with her current work on the GrapeVine and Grapes.

I would say 1 1/2 inches is deep.

But I was also hoping that there would be the nature of significant excavation also on the top view for greater shadow effects.  Just my two cents.

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