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Golf Ball Skew!!

Thought I'd share this odd ball tool I came up with, maybe it'll work for someone else too!  One of the things I carve are fairly low relief details into picture frames.  These are usually Basswood and end up getting painted and/or gilded.  When I have a long, gentle sweeping curve it ends up looking  very segmented if I outline it with gouges of different sweep sizes.  Since the relief is so slight, a v-chisel doesn't give me the crisp edge I want plus you may have to change directions due to the grain with a v-chisel.  I had an old Marples skew (with the ugly blue plastic handle!) that I re-purposed for this job.  I attached a golf ball to it which allows me to look right over the top to it and "steer" the point exactly on the line.  By the way, golf balls make great handles for files too.

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That's a great idea! And funny, too. So, you hit the golf ball with a mallet? Probably pretty durable too... cuz it was made to be hit 🙂