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Hard Felt, Contoured Wheel for Honing

My sharpening skills are improving (constantly I hope) with diamond stones but still getting that final, honed edge is escaping me.  I see that Lee Valley has a 6", contoured felt wheel for this and wonder if anyone's used it?  I've made various slips to fit gouges but not satisfied with my results.  I'd use it only on a slow speed grinder and reverse the direction.  I've taken a class where a paper wheel was used this way with some success.  Any advice appreciated -- John

I am using a cotton fabric wheel on a 6" grinder with honing compound.  Takes only a few seconds of contact and the edge is razor sharp.  Much easier and faster than making and using contoured honing blocks.

In the shop, I also use a sewn cotton wheel with buffing compound mounted in a drill press and run at the maximum RPM allowed by the manufacturer. The high RPM helps to reduce roundover while the material allows honing of the various contours and requires no special shaping. It is best to bring the tool to around 1000 grit or better beforehand. Just buff the tool enough to eliminate any burr and avoid heat. The wheel I use is a four-inch diameter widely available for around four dollars or so. I have tried other systems but return to this method due to simplicity and cost. Away from the shop I simply use a leather or cardboard strop for touchups. The quality of the cut is the ultimate test of any system.