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Hello I'm from the uk

Hello all

I have only just found this site and have started to watch the basic steps for a beginner wood crafter. In the UK it is really hard to get decent size bass wood most sellers do only small blocks, also we have very few if any sites like this one that actually take you through the process of starting carving.. Does the fact that I'm in the UK hinder my taking part in these classes ( hope not).I'm really looking forward to going through the beginner videos and reading all of your questions and answers I'm sure it will give me a deeper understanding of working with wood. My name is aly, and I've only just started wood carving in the last few months soon not to good at it although I'm sure I will improve with these classes .

Thank you for letting me join


Hello Aly, and welcome to the group,

We were all beginners once and most would look at my poor quality work and would still consider me one. I have been to the UK on several occasions and have always been amazed at the fantastic examples of woodcarving and woodworking to be found there, highly inspirational. I have also been very lucky to have picked up some nice antique tools there on my visits. Used tools seem to be much more abundant in the UK than what we enjoy in my area of the US.  Woodcarvers, and woodworkers in general, tend to be a welcoming and generous bunch so I think you will fit right in. It is always good to see ladies  entering crafts and showing up the "old boys". Bravo.

There seems to be more of an appreciation for traditional craft in the UK as compared to our side of the Atlantic, and with all of the older high-end properties, there would seem to be more of a demand for the art.  Above all else, learn to properly shape and sharpen your tools because poorly sharpened tools are a misery.

Have fun and again, welcome to the group.

Hello Ali,

Welcome! I'm so glad you have discovered this new craft. It really can be addicting, so watch out!

You might want to search for "Lime" or "Linden" in the UK. It is very similar to basswood, but is what the great Grinling Gibbons used to carve some amazingly detailed carvings.

This is what I love about these online classes - as long as you have internet, you can participate and learn. Find a work surface, get a good set of starter gouges, and carve!

I (along with a dozen other carvers) just spend 3 weeks in the UK in September touring a lot of Grinling Gibbons carvings along with many other carvers. I am still reeling from all the incredible details. It's difficult to find that kind of detail here in the US.

I hope you have fun learning!